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Pediatric Dentistry

Baker & Graham


At Baker & Graham, we truly feel that our patients are like family to us and as such, it is so important to us that every member of your family is well taken care of. We provide specialized pediatric dental services to make sure your little ones adopt good oral hygiene habits early and have healthy, happy smiles for life.
Pediatric Care 101
Many aren’t aware that the health of their baby teeth has a huge impact on the health of the permanent teeth that will come later. Equally, your children are at a much higher risk for tooth decay in their baby teeth – and their permanent teeth, as a result. That’s why proper dental care both at home and at the dentist is so important to your child’s oral and total health.
First Visit
According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should begin seeing a dentist as soon as their baby teeth erupt, or by their first birthday. It is important that you begin healthy oral hygiene habits with your little ones early so that they have healthy, happy smiles for life!
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