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Healthy Start

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Imperfect teeth are common if not expected for children, but can create many unseen problems, such as restricted breathing, eczema, and chronic swollen tonsils. Luckily, at Baker and Graham, we provide a simple, safe and effective solution to straighter smiles and healthier bodies overall – without braces or invasive hardware.
What is Healthy Start
Healthy Start is an advanced orthodontic mouthpiece that, when worn early, can permanently straighten your child’s teeth and prevent disordered breathing and the problems that accompany it without the use of braces or other invasive orthodontic hardware.
The Healthy Start mouthpiece is BPA, Silicone, and Latex free and FDA approved, so you know that it is safe for your child to use.

How does it work?

Healthy Start works by guiding newly erupted teeth into their ideal position before they set permanently. As adult teeth arrive, the fibers that attach them to the surrounding bone and soft tissue are not yet mature. In the 12-18 months following the tooth’s full eruption, the fibers gradually join together to form a mass of connecting fibers and lock the new tooth into place. Using the Healthy Start mouthpiece ensures that the permanent teeth are locked into the correct position, without crowding or gaps that would otherwise require braces.

The mouthpiece is worn while your child sleeps and is specifically designed to be soft and comfortable. Some children will struggle at first to keep the device in their mouths while they sleep due to mouth breathing. The Healthy Start is meant to discourage mouth breathing, a habit which will take some children some time to accomplish, but all eventually get there with proper use of the device!

When To Start

Ideally, your child would be evaluated for Healthy Start compatibility as soon as their baby teeth begin falling out. When children are young, their bodies are able to mold and adjust quite easily, especially in the mouth and bone structure, but this mailability decreases as they grow. In order for the Healthy Start system to perform its absolute best, we recommend starting treatment as early as possible.
Why Choose Healthy Start?
Beyond the obvious convenience and financial benefits of choosing the Healthy Start system over traditional braces, Healthy Start is also specifically designed and proven to correct disordered breathing caused by crowded and misaligned teeth.If left untreated, disordered breathing can lead to a wide variety of health and behavioral issues, such as:
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