Patient Name: Vicki Ann Priebe
Dental Concern: Unhappy with the appearance of her teeth
Treatment Selected: Crowns on front and back teeth

Working as a receptionist, Vicki Ann Priebe knows the value of a beautiful smile during a first impression. Unfortunately, Vicki’s embarrassment from crooked teeth and old, dark fillings kept her hiding her smile all the time. Vicki decided to invest in the needed repairs for her smile and sought the expertise of Dr. Baker. Together, Dr. Baker and Vicki chose to put new, flawless crowns on her front and back teeth to heal her worn smile and to restore its brilliance. “I really enjoy smiling big now!”, Vicki beams. “I can greet people with a big pretty smile.” Vicki’s renewed confidence not only helped her professional life, but also gave her a much-needed boost in her personal endeavors as well! “I am in a choir that sings all over the world,” Vicki explains. “Now I can smile while I’m performing and know that I look good! Don’t wait to change your smile ― it is worth it!”



Patient Name: Joan Graves
Dental Concern: Unhappy with the appearance of her teeth
Treatment Selected: Implant to replace missing front tooth, bonding, and posterior crowns

Embarrassed and wishing for a better smile since high school, Joan Graves felt self-conscious and covered her teeth every time she smiled. She wanted to feel more confident and build her self-esteem, so she decided to finally correct her smile. After looking through lists of Hattiesburg dentists, Joan knew that Dr. Graham was destined to help her with her dental needs. To transform her smile, Joan received an implant to replace a missing front tooth and underwent bonding and posterior crowns. She now has all the confidence she always desired and more! “I’ve been happy ever since my first day as a patient,” Joan says. “Now I can smile even more and not worry about using my hands to cover my mouth.” Joan’s friends give her rave reviews on her smile, and she even gets glowing compliments from strangers! “I highly recommend Drs. Baker and Graham,” Joan explains. “It would definitely be the right step toward a life-changing smile. Anyone would be pleased with the results.”



Patient Name: George Magola
Dental Concern: Unhappy with appearance and function of his teeth
Treatment Selected: Upper front teeth crowned and laser lengthening

Over the last ten years, George Magola longed for a better smile ― for both function and beauty. He wanted to be comfortable while eating and wished he could flash the world a bright, beaming smile. After years of dissatisfaction, George sought the dental advice of Dr. Graham and received crowns on his front teeth and laser lengthening to sculpt the beautiful smile he always wanted. Voila! All of George’s smile dreams came true! “Dr. Graham is a great dentist,” George exclaims. “I am proud of my dental work and would tell anyone needing dental care to go see Dr. Graham soon!” George’s smile radiates his confidence and joy over his new teeth, which are now healthy, functional, and gorgeous!



Patient Name: David Owens
Dental Concern: Healthy Maintenance
Treatment Selected: Routine check-ups and cleaning

David Owens understands the importance of a smile that is healthy, as well as beautiful. He knows that taking preventative action to avoid painful, costly problems requires routine cleanings and preventive care every six months. David was acquainted with Dr. Graham from church and from within the community and felt he could trust Dr. Graham to keep his teeth, gums, and overall mouth healthy and in tip-top condition. David truly values the gentle care and painless dentistry at Baker & Graham Dental. “I think they are great,” David says. “They all do a great job, and when I leave, I don’t feel like I’ve had a brick dropped on my face!” David is proud that his oral health is in the care of a compassionate, friendly team.



Patient Name: Millen and Lucy Ford
Dental Concern: Healthy Maintenance
Treatment Selected: Routine check-ups and cleaning

Beautiful, healthy teeth are a top priority for the entire Ford family. With children and a busy life, a convenient, comfortable dental office is a must! Millen and Lucy Ford chose Dr. Graham as their family dentist after a recommendation from a friend. Instantly, the Ford family felt welcomed and genuinely cared for by the entire team at Baker & Graham Dental. “Dr. Graham is very good with children,” Millen says. “There are no fears of the dentist for the kids, and the entire team is very personable.” The Ford family really enjoys Baker & Graham’s comprehensive dentistry ― fully equipped to treat each member of the family for the entire lifespan of their smiles!



Patient Name: Brenda Jackson
Dental Concern: Unhappy with the appearance of her teeth
Treatment Selected: Replaced front gold crown with porcelain crown

Over the years, the wear and tear of daily life began to show on Brenda Jackson’s smile. When her teeth started to decay and she had to get a noticeable gold crown on her front tooth, she slowly began losing confidence in her appearance. Finally, Brenda resolved to fix her smile before it got any worse and knew Dr. Baker was the right dentist for her because of his great work. After a consultation, Brenda and Dr. Baker decided that replacing her old, gold crown on her front tooth with a flawless, natural-looking porcelain crown would solve her smile concerns. “Everybody tells me how pretty my teeth are now,” Brenda proudly boasts. “All of my friends were surprised and couldn’t believe my old, gold tooth was finally gone!” With a new bright and beautiful smile, Brenda feels renewed confidence and loves showing off her gorgeous grin. “My advice is to try Dr. Baker for a new look. You will be satisfied because he makes sure your smile is right.”



Patient Name: John David Williams
Dental Concern: Damaged Teeth
Treatment Selected: Replaced composite veneers with porcelain veneers and crowned back teeth

John David Williams lived his entire life concealing his smile after his teeth were tragically damaged by a medication taken as a child. He knew his life lacked needed self-confidence. When John David finally decided to change his smile, he knew just where he needed to go. He chose his friend, Dr. Baker, to help him craft a new, beautiful smile because of his strong attention to detail. Dr. Baker replaced John David’s composite veneers with beautiful porcelain veneers and crowned his back teeth, restoring his smile to what it always should have been ― healthy and brilliant. “I love my teeth,” John David beams. “Having this work completed has made my overall appearance better and has greatly improved my self confidence.” John David now receives compliments from all his friends on his new look, and he encourages anyone thinking about changing their smile to “Do it!”



Patient Name: Jane Lee
Dental Concern: Yellowing teeth; unhappy with the appearance of her teeth
Treatment Selected: Whitened teeth, then restored with front and back crowns

For years, Jane Lee knew that her teeth were continually yellowing, and she also felt embarrassed about her unsightly, dark fillings showing when she smiled. After seeing herself and her discolored smile in vacation photos, Jane knew she really had to do something right then. As a longtime patient of Dr. Baker’s, Jane immediately felt she could trust him with her smile makeover. Jane underwent tooth-whitening treatment and restored her front and back teeth with crowns, giving her the brilliant smile she wanted. In no time, Jane enjoyed more self-esteem and her smile looked beautiful! “I would tell anyone thinking about changing their smile to do it,” Jane says. “Dr. Baker was even excited about my smile makeover!” Jane now enjoys bright, white teeth and flawless fillings.



Patient Name: Brittany Lee
Dental Concern: Unhappy with the appearance of her smile
Treatment Selected: Whitening, laser lengthening of gums, and veneers on front teeth

Brittany Lee felt she had a decent smile as a child and really hadn’t given too much thought to her smile’s appearance. But, that all changed a few years ago after she saw her smile in a picture. Brittany noticed her teeth and realized they had become small for her smile and very oddly shaped. Brittany resolved to fix her smile now, rather than waiting and living with the embarrassment of flawed teeth. After a recommendation from her grandmother, Brittany sought the advice of Dr. Baker and transformed her smile with tooth-whitening, laser lengthening of her gums, and beautiful veneers on her front teeth. Brittany loves her new, perfectly proportioned smile and shows it off as often as she can! “All of my friends say my smile looks amazing,” Brittany says, glowingly. With a lot of life ahead, Brittany can face the world with confidence and with a gorgeous smile!



Patient Name: John D. Olson, M.D.
Dental Concern: Jaw Pain
Treatment Selected: Implants and crowns

Dr. John Olson suffered from extreme jaw pain since moving to Hattiesburg. Rather than let the pain worsen and negatively affect other aspects of his life, Dr. Olson decided to seek treatment and find a solution. Dr. Olson sought the expertise of Dr. Graham after a solid recommendation from a friend. After receiving great looking and fully functional dental implants and crowns from Dr. Graham, Dr. Olson has a renewed vigor and can fully live again, pain free. “It really improved my quality of life,” Dr. Olson says. “The team is excellent and very impressive to a fellow professional.” Dr. Olson now refers friends or colleagues to seek services with Baker & Graham Dental for their superior care and comfort. “It is worth the trip,” Dr. Olson declares.



Patient Name: Robert E. Donnell, Jr.
Dental Concern: Unhappy with the appearance of his teeth
Treatment Selected: Crowns on back teeth and veneers on front teeth

Imagine hiding your smile since your teenage years ― always hoping to someday fix it. Robert E. Donnell, Jr. lived with embarrassing spaces between his teeth and wished for a better smile since he was a teen. Robert finally decided to achieve his long-term goal by revitalizing his smile and by enhancing his appearance. He felt Dr. Graham was everything he was looking for in a dentist ― young, aggressive, and highly talented. Robert and Dr. Graham decided that placing crowns on Robert’s back teeth and natural looking veneers on his front teeth would be the best option to solve Robert’s smile concerns. Robert’s new full, flawless smile gives him more confidence than ever before. “Dr. Graham’s office has that ‘homey’ feel.” Robert explains. “All of the supporting staff is very good.” Robert received numerous positive comments from his peers about his smile makeover, and even more from children! With the gorgeous teeth he always wanted, Robert is ready to show the world his inner confidence and joy through laughter and a big, bright smile.



Patient Name: Glenn Chandler
Dental Concern: Unhappy with the appearance of his teeth
Treatment Selected: Composites on front teeth

Feeling self conscious and embarrassed about his flawed teeth, Glenn Chandler hid his smile in every picture, during every laugh and throughout every conversation his entire life. He longed for the confidence he saw in others freely showing their big, beautiful smiles. Finally, Glenn chose to seek help for his flawed teeth and called Dr. Graham because of a glowing recommendation. Dr. Graham and Glenn talked through Glenn's dental goals and treatment options. Together, they decided composites treatment would achieve all Glenn's smile dreams. Now, he has his dream smile and all the confidence that goes with it. "All of my friends are now going to Dr. Graham for all their dental procedures too," Glenn says. "I tell anyone thinking about changing their smile to definitely call Dr. Graham!" Glenn looks forward to living the rest of his life proudly showing everyone his beaming, gorgeous smile!